Wedding Policy

Mt. Pleasant United Methodist Church Weddings

5025 Church Road, Little Rock, Arkansas 72210
Pastor: 501-541-7789

We are delighted you may choose Mt. Pleasant for your wedding. Weddings are worship experiences and we welcome your ideas and questions. Together we can create a sacred, intimate space for you to have a fun, memorable covenant ceremony.

Initial Consultation

Officiating Clergy, Approximate Number attending, Music Needs, Rehearsal, Rehearsal Dinner, Premarital Counseling, Chapel or Garden Ceremony, Decorating, Clean up, Photography, Reception, Bride/Groom Rooms, Fees, Deposit

Information Guidelines and Details

If given at least three months to prepare with you, we can discuss scheduling any day of the week. Major holidays may be an exception. We will be supportive from the first appointment through the last goodbye.

Mt Pleasant can provide clergy to officiate and clergy will discuss with photographers prior to the service how photography occurs during the worship experience. Mt. Pleasant will guide visiting musicians in the use of Mt. Pleasant audio system.

Chapel sanctuary seats 100 comfortably and the Fellowship Hall entertains up to 100. Facility has two restrooms, a kitchen with ice maker, refrigerator, stove, sink, small freezer and 2 microwaves.Bride room has half bath and groom room has half bath nearby.

Sanctuary walls remain free of any decorations. Candle care is significant for protecting carpet. Chancel furniture remains in Altar as part of worship. Ribbons can be draped over pews or Altar rail. Additional information about care of property can be provided.

Rehearsal prepares everyone for the worship experience. A spirit of worship is encouraged during rehearsal.

Premarital Counseling is encouraged as preparation for enhancing your marriage journey.

If using Mt. Pleasant for your reception, your responsibility is to decorate, prepare food and return Fellowship Hall and Kitchen to their original order.

Bride room has half bath and groom room has half bath nearby.

A $200 deposit will be paid when you set your date and refunded for cancellation made one month prior to your scheduled wedding date. The remaining cost is paid in full one week prior to this date. (Total cost is determined by which services you choose.)


Rehearsal $75 Rehearsal Dinner $175 Chapel Ceremony $300 Garden Ceremony $150 Reception $175 Pianist $100-$150 Premarital Counseling (3 Sessions) $75 Clergy Honorarium $150

“Shotgun” Special (Scheduled “walk in”, simple ceremony/vows, License signed):

Couple with Witnesses Chapel $125 Garden $75 Clergy Honorarium $ 75